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From startups to Fortune 500’s, we'll ensure your presentation
is clear & keeps you the center of attention for longer.

Using design strategy and targeted creative, we're crafting digestable presentations that audiences can't look away from.

And it is working. Here are a few projects and pitches we're proud to have worked on...



A single pitches billings we recently helped a client secure

We are proud to have recently worked on a 7-month competitive pitch process, helping our client win an account worth $750m (£545m) for one of the world’s largest social metaverse companies.

Whether financial tables or hero creative, presented to 10 investors on Zoom or 200 employees in a conference – we give your audience designed content they can relate to and want to watch.


say they feel like their attention span is shorter than it used to be.

We have never had access to such vast amounts of information yet this digital and fast-paced world has increasingly pushed consumers to enjoy it in shorter bursts.

Facebook – 6 billion pieces of information shared daily
YouTube – 5 billion videos daily
Twitter – 500 million tweets daily

We purposefully design presentation slides with information hierarchy in mind, so audiences are focused on the right thing at the right time.

Audience attention is valuable and scarce, we'll find you more.

What others have to say about us

Ask us for testimonials from your sector.

Your support has been incredible.

The ease and flexibility, the patience and thoughtfulness, and your speed to deliver makes our job easier.

Thank you so very much. We simply couldn’t do it without you.


Dave C, Business Development
Media & Advertising

This really looks great! It’s been really great collaborating with you  and hope we can find ways to work together in the future.


Tara M, Marketing & Comms

You’ve become a bit of a lucky charm. We think we have it in the bag too now (don’t want to jinx it until everything’s signed).


Sam J, Brand & Marketing

Thank you for the great work. Deck looks really nice and now I’m off hunting for investors 🙂


Saher S, Start-Up Founder
Seed Round Investor

This is perfect!! Thank you so much 🙂 Really love the design, thanks again.


Jo D, Start-Up Founder
Government Funding

Presentation Design

Bespoke master pages, purposeful creative, designed on-brand in PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote.



Bespoke and On-Brand


Supporting Assets

Useful Icons and Imagery


Master Pages

Reliably Built



Matching Bios to Vinyls



Meticulously Consistent


Mock Ups

Idea Visualisations

Video Production

59% of senior executives prefer to watch a video than read text if they had the choice.

We create videos that follow the theme, styling and red thread we produced for the presentation it sits in ensuring one consistent and immersive audience experience.


A presentation is often the most used, viewed and shared piece of branding for a business.

It makes business sense that when a template with a new look and feel is being explored, this branding theme should be fluid enough to run across multiple channels like social media, web and video. We can help create one cohesive, recognisable brand experience for an audience across channels.

On-Brand, Reliably Built and Meticulously Consistent Creative Presentation Design

Instant Quote

Ad hoc or subscription based

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We'll Get Designing

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PowerPoint Training for Non-Designers

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How do we start, what do you need?

That's great! The majority of our clients are long term and we enjoy building relationships by understanding your brand, audience and how you measure success so we can design your presentation, just right.

Email us a short description and any files you have we'll be in touch, or give us a call if easier. 

In a rush and on a deadline? Get an instant quote, upload your deck, answer a few questions and we'll start designing.

Perhaps next time we can spend a little more time on how to get the most out of your audience.

Can I email a brief and .ppt to you?

Of course. Send us what you need and we'll either reply or jump on a call to talk specifics.

Do you work weekends or offer next day delivery?

We do offer fast turn around services dependant on the project brief and time zone. We are very experienced in media and creative pitches that tend to operate with less time than most.


The more notice you can give us, the easier it will be to accommodate. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Do I need a template?

Whilst we recommend having a template so that you can build consistent presentations in the future, it is not required.

We can build slides and/or a template based on exisiting company branding that might be found on a website or brochure etc.

I know someone cheaper, can I get a discount?

Whilst we don’t currently discount individual projects, please ask about longer term agreements (typically 5% discount) or how we can reduce the deliverables to fit within your budget.


We are not a generic design studio. Our rate reflects our specialist experience in the presentation design space, it is our core focus, our niche. Our transparent costs are based on scope, scale, market value and capabilities. We keep things simple and don’t charge you extra for stock photography as others might. Our price enables us to spend the time and resources on a project that is required to ensure our clients receive the high quality end product that was promised.


If you can find someone that offers the quality and expertise that you want within the budget you have, then we recommend you work with them, that is excellent. If you find yourself needing more assurance on quality or experience, or can’t quite find what you want, we are confident we can deliver to your expectations.

Do you design websites or other deliverables?

Yes. Whilst bespoke presentation design is at the heart of what we do, we can also help with any creative output that reinforces the visual narrative for your audience. 

Need theatre for pitches or matching tote bags for a conference? Just ask.

Presentations are often the most used, viewed and shared part of a businesses branding. It makes sense that when a template with a new look and feel is being explored, this branding theme should be fluid enough to run across multiple channels like social media, web and video creating one cohesive and relevant brand experience. 

We're all about the attention economy

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