Connect with your audience consistently across all touchpoints.

Build brand recognition and trust by having cohesive designs flowing from slides to social.

Consistency is key.

Sure, you came for an effective presentation design, but how will this leave the rest of your brand communication?

By creating a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints, you reinforce your brand identity and establish trust and recognition with your audience.

Unsure how to differentiate yourself with which audience?

Set yourself apart and highlight what makes your business unique, attracting new customers and building brand loyalty.

We can help you develop and communicate your brand values, mission, vision and personality. 

Establish a strong brand presence

A presentation is often the primary representation of a business, making it crucial to have a design that can be easily recognised and shared across all channels.

We can assist in developing a consistent brand experience, creating a cohesive design that flows seamlessly across different channels from presentations to social media and websites.

Case Study wanted to radically change their brand experience to differentiate themselves and attract new business.

See how we helped not only create a new visual identity, but visual language that could easily be applied and recognised across channels to attract the right audience.

"I recommend Depicts to anyone who is looking to develop clean, on-trend, engaging visuals to support their overarching brand story."

Tara Mulloy, Vice President, Macdougall Bio

Developing a visual language.

The color palette was carefully chosen to reflect the client’s core values of integrity, while the clean and modern typography effectively conveyed their forward-thinking approach. However, it was during the process of creating the visual language that we discovered new opportunities for creativity and innovation…

1. Each key stage of MacDougall’s process was assigned a purposeful shape.

Strategic Positioning

The circular shape conveys strength and continuity in its outer path. It speaks to anchoring a strong foundation built on communication and conversation.

Development & execution of a bespoke comms plan

A forward facing arrow represents the movement and transformation in this area.

Unique results that reach clients’ goals

This shape resembles a destination-pin, that conveys the end-goals or our clients.

MacDougall shapes your story

“We understand the dynamic nature of your industry and the evolving journey of your company. Our adaptability allows us to transform as per your requirements, in the form that best fits your needs at any given time.”

2. Expanding the language.

Expanding visual language for use across channels
Further branding expansion

3. Speaking the language.

Style Guide
Presentations template slides

4. A complete vocabulary.

Branding on different touchpoints

We successfully created a distinct visual language that distinguished the client from its competitors, is recognisable across varying touchpoints and stayed within budget.

What about the logo?

Your brand is more than just a logo and a tagline. It’s the overall perception of your company in the minds of your customers.

Without altering MacDougall’s industry-established logo mark, we still assisted them in providing their audience with a fresh, recognisable, relevant, and cohesive brand experience.

Summarised brief.

Reflecting on changes within the business and industry, MacDougall established it was time to regroup.

It wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors, increase brand recognition and strengthen its business growth.

MacDougall is a strategic communications agency for clients dedicated to delivering new innovations that improve human health.

Being a strategic comms agency filled with incredible talent, they redefined their purpose, mission, vision and values so they could market exactly who they were now.

With insights into the target audience, competitors, tone and brand personality we set about creating a visual identity that incorporated a new agency voice that isn’t afraid to challenge.

It is bold, attention-grabbing and moves markets.

Client feedback.

As part of an internal repositioning exercise, MacDougall called on Depicts to manage and adapt our visual brand identity.

Dan and his team were great to work with and pushed our brand into new places we hadn’t gone previously and wouldn’t have without their direction.

They took the time to really understand our business, our audiences, and the nuances of our industry and worked with us to create visuals that stood out from the competition, while clearly and succinctly getting our message across.

They were a delight to work with during the discovery process, pushing our brand into its next phase, while easily taking feedback and incorporating the changes into our materials.

The end result is something the entire team is incredibly proud of and is excited to showcase externally.

This is the second time I’ve worked with Depicts and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to develop clean, on-trend, engaging visuals to support their overarching brand story.

Simplicity and readability. Clear and direct communication.

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Bespoke presentation design

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